Truro Day Hedgehogs

Hedgehog making Competition for Truro Day 2019

Class 1 - Under 11 years of age

Class 2 - Age 11-16 years

     3 Prizes for each group




1. Each hedgehog MUST be made by the entrant. Parental note:

   To be fair to every child PLEASE do not submit entries that haven't

   been made by the entrant.


2. Entries can be made of any suitable material. They can be painted  

   or be of any natural colour.


3. No bigger than 12ins/30cms in any one direction.


4. Enter the age for your class as at the 8th Sept 2019


5. Maximum of two hedgehogs per entrant.


6. Entries must be submitted by 2.30pm on Truro Day - 8th Sept


7. Name/age and class to be written on a card to accompany    

   each entry. A mobile contact Tel No should also be included.


8. The judging panel's decision is final.


9. Winners to be announced at 4pm.


10. Entries can be collected after 4pm. Any hedgehogs not collected will be hidden in the park and around Sunny Corner


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