If you wish to participate, please E mail all the following information to:


        juliecalow@btinternet.com and trurodaypc@gmail.com


We do not facilitate or promote religion, faith or politics on Truro Day. Please make touch with the Chairperson to discuss this if you need to: E mail- truroday@gmail.com


The name of your organisation:

The name of your contact:

Address of contact:

Tel No of contact  incl mobile tel no:

E mail address of contact:

The size of marquee or tent and the area size you require (default is 3x3 mtrs):

A brief description of what activity you wish to partake in:

The number of people involved on the actual day:

Whether you intend to undertake any hazardous or dangerous activities:

A signed agreement of our rules and regulations is required before you can be accepted:

A copy of your Public Liability Insurance is required if any activity is involved.

Machinery Safety Certificates are required if you intend to bring along any ride on machinery.

Bouncy Castle Require a "Fit To Use" Certificate

A street collection permit is required if you intend to "bucket" collect





Event Rules:


Each participant is responsible for supplying, erecting and dismantling their own marquee or tent. They can be erected from anytime after 5pm on Sat 7th September and MUST be in place, ready to go, by 11am on the 8th Sept. A space will be allocated to each participant.


No commercial sales, food, alcohol, soft drinks or ice creams can be sold on the day as the concessions have been contracted out.


All gazebos, tents and marquees MUST be fully secured and anchored on the day


No naked flames or flammable liquids are permitted in the marquee or tented areas.


No music is permitted during the performances of the bands, choirs and other live acts.


Start clean, finish clean. Clear the area surrounding your stall.


All refuse to be removed at the end of the event into the bins provided.


A full set of rules will be supplied to every participating organisation, club or society







              "A Community Working Together"



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juliecalow@btinternet.com and trurodaypc@gmail.com