Truro Day Rocks !


Rock Painting Competition for Truro Day 2018

Paint a rock and bring it along on Truro Day. No pre-booking,       just bring it along !

Class 1 - Up to six years of age

Class 2 - Age 7-10 years

Class 3 - Age 11-16

Class 4 - Age 17 years +



1. Rocks must not exceed 10cm x 10cm.


2. Rocks to be painted or sharpied - no transfers or stickers.


3. Art work MUST be the entrant's own work.


4. Enter the age for your class as at 1st September 2018


5. Maximum of two rocks per entrant.


6. Rocks must be submitted by 2pm on Truro Day - 9th Sept


7. Name, date and class to be written on the underside of each rock.


8. The judging panel's decision is final.


9. Winners to be announced at 4pm


10. Rocks can be collected after 4pm. Any rocks not collected will be hidden in the park.